Activate SSL (HTTPS) for Blogger Custom Domains

Blogger has enabled secure browsing of blogs which are hosted at a custom domain - i.e. not at

As Google themselves say here:
  • It helps check that your visitors open the correct website and aren’t being redirected to a malicious site.
  • It helps detect if an attacker tries to change any data sent from Blogger to the visitor.
  • It adds security measures that make it harder for other people to listen to your visitors’ conversations, track their activities, or steal their information.
Importantly, Google is taking steps to give priority to HTTPS websites in search results.
Furthermore, by July 2018, the Chrome browser will highlight HTTP websites as "Not Secure".

The change is quick and easy, and will not result in any downtime for your blog.  Existing links will continue to work, and can be automatically redirected to the secure pages.

Currently the feature is in beta release for custom domains, though has been rolled out to blogspot blogs for a long time.  To get access to the feature, you must login to Blogger at

I'm not sure of the release schedule, however it is likely to be before July 2018.

In the sidebar, navigate to Settings / Posts, comments and sharing:
Sidebar showing menu items settings, and posts, comments and sharing

Then enable HTTPS availability:
HTTPS availability set to Yes, showing processing info
In my experience it will take around 10 to 15 minutes for processing.

TIP: After you have activated the change, you no longer need to use, you can return to the normal interface at

Blogger generates a SSL (HTTPS) certificate using the free certificate authority Let's Encrypt.  Certificates will be automatically renewed by Blogger before they expire.

Once the changes are active, you can return to the settings and turn on HTTPS redirect:

Please reload your blog URL, and check that the page is showing as secure, and you can also check the SSL certificate details:
Site marked as Secure, and Certificate is Valid, issued by Let's Encrypt Authority

TIP: Don't forget to update your Google Search Console preferences.  You will need to create a new Property for your new HTTPS site URL.  In addition you can update the default URL inside Google Analytics.


Victoria said…
Finally. Tired of "Unreliable site ahead" badge .

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