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Tasmanian Holiday 2008

We recently had a week long holiday in Tasmania. Here's what we did and what we saw. Make sure you click on the photo links - there are almost 200 photos. I've created a map you can view here . Our journey started with an overnight ferry ride from Port Melbourne to Devonport. I was surprised and impressed with how much the ferry was buffeted by the waves. It was quite a rocky ride once we left the Port Phillip heads, and we had some trouble sleeping. In Devonport we had no time to waste, having to rush to Corinna to catch a cruise along the Pieman River. Corinna Corinna was an old mining town, but is now a wilderness village on the edge of the Tarkine Rainforest . It is somewhat remote, being almost an hours drive to neighbouring towns. Pieman River Cruise We managed to make our river cruise - after some upsets along the way, and thanks to the cruise operators waiting for us. The cruise takes place on the Arcadia II - built of Huon pine in 1939. The cruise takes you to th