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BeyonWiz PVR Picasa Web Album viewer active

I wrote an interface to Picasa Web Albums for the BeyonWiz PVR range (DP-P1, DP-S1, DP-H1 and DP-P2). This allows you to view Picasa Web Albums on your TV without needing you to switch your computer on. Instead it directly accesses Picasa Web Albums through your Internet connection so you are always getting the latest photos your family and friends have uploaded. Here's some images of the user interface. Note these are photos of the TV screen, so are not representative of the actual picture quality. This software is open source under a New BSD license . You can view, download or contribute to the code on the Google Code project WizTV-modules . Please ask questions or provide feedback on the BeyonWiz Forum . The company must be happy with it. They are now promoting their hardware based on the Picasa viewer capability: Kemp believes the latest Beyonwiz range is the most feature packed PVR on the market. In addition to having dual tuners and access to Freeview’s EPG,