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Lossless conversion of MKV to MP4

Easy MKV to MP4 Recently I discovered that Davinci Resolve  (NLE and Color Grading software) is incapable of reading MKV ("Matroska" multimedia container) files.  MKV files are my go-to container format simply because of the convenience, given that there are utilities provided for muxing/demuxing and it supports any video or audio formats you want to use within the container. Unfortunately the Davinci Resolve media pool just ignores files with that extension.  Shame on them, I would have expected them to adopt open standards like Matroska.  For what it's worth it looks like other NLE software like Adobe Premiere Pro does not support it either.  I guess their justification is that they only need to support the formats that cameras record in. Anyway, given I was working with H.264 video and AAC audio, I knew I should be able to put multiplex into a MP4 (or even MOV) container to make it compatible with Davinci Resolve. A quick Internet search found crazy posts and videos w