More chickens

We've now got five chickens, having purchased another two today.

This is our family of hens.

"Beatrice" is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, purchased 13th June 2010.

"Snowball" is a White Wyandotte Bantam, purchased 13th June 2010.

"Dotty" is a Cuckoo Pekin Bantam, purchased 1st November 2009. Sadly she had to be put-down on 7th March 2011 after developing paralysis from a virus.

"Edna" is an Isa Brown, purchased 1st November 2009.

"Dora" is an Australorp, purchased 1st November 2009.

Click here to view more photos of our hens.


Anonymous said…
Great pictures and the links to Wikipedia are useful.
Captain Wirtz
Unknown said…

Nice hens. You should update the latest status of them.


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