How to fold a photographic light tent

A photographic light tent or cube is invaluable for product photography.  It allows you to light a photographic subject with soft shadows and a non-distracting background such that a photograph will look its best.  It is ideal for product photography such as when you're selling things on eBay.  These eggs were photographed using the light tent:

The tent is sold in a folded/collapsed shape, but when you open the package it springs open.  It is very difficult to collapse back into the original shape - if you don't know the technique.

I purchased my light tent from DealExtreme here:

Many of the customer comments say that they can't figure out how to collapse the light tent for storage or transportation.  Taking note of this, I was very careful when I first opened the light tent.
I've created a YouTube video showing my technique of folding it back up.

If that's unclear, this animation shows how the structure is bent so that it collapses flat.

The same technique probably applies to light tents sold by other companies.  Although if it is a larger size, then it would be difficult.


pootpoot said…
Thanks, Mark!
Lance.Hill said…
This just saved me. Thank you!

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