Music of Manolo Camp

I've been looking at Creative Commons licensed music for use with my videos.  There are a number of licenses, but typically they allow sharing and use in non-commercial products.

There is a lot of web sites dedicated to free music, and I've found some music by Manolo Camp that I really like.  Here's two web sites with his music for download:
For example try Morning Coffee or Ships in the fog.  I'm already picturing some video that I can shoot for that second track.  Anyway, hope you like it.

Update 11/12/10: I've published my first video using Manolo Camp's music "Medieval". I think the music really adds polish to the video.


Clare said…
Found you because I was looking for the auto door opener but just had to say what a precious video and what a beautiful little stunner! We stopped taking as many photos as our boys got older and now regret it - are you going to do the next 4 years!!!
Anonymous said…
@Clare: Thankyou very much for your comments.

I'm still taking plenty of photos, and I'll definitely be adding to the video.

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