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Installing Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 on Windows 7 x64

Adobe Acrobat Pro version 8 is not officially supported on Windows 7.  These instructions describe how to work around the installation problems and get Acrobat Pro installed and patched to version 8.3.1.  Note that I've successfully installed Acrobat Pro on Windows 7 64-bit, however the same approach may apply for 32-bit Windows.  Additionally Adobe Acrobat Pro is compatible with Windows 10.

I've downloaded the installation program from the Adobe web site here:

Note the software and license keys are provided free, under the rationale of supporting existing customers now that the license server has been disabled.
Run the installer executable.  When asked for the folder location to extract files, do not choose the default location (since you won't have permission to save files there).  Instead you'll get an error like this.
A problem occurred while extracting some files.  Check available space on your
computer and the …