Installing Adobe Acrobat Pro 8 on Windows 7 x64

Adobe Acrobat Pro version 8 is not officially supported on Windows 7.  These instructions describe how to work around the installation problems and get Acrobat Pro installed and patched to version 8.3.1.  Note that I've successfully installed Acrobat Pro on Windows 7 64-bit, however the same approach may apply for 32-bit Windows.  Additionally Adobe Acrobat Pro is compatible with Windows 10.

I've downloaded the installation program from the Adobe web site here:

Note the software and license keys are provided free, under the rationale of supporting existing customers now that the license server has been disabled.
Run the installer executable.  When asked for the folder location to extract files, do not choose the default location (since you won't have permission to save files there).  Instead you'll get an error like this.
A problem occurred while extracting some files.  Check available space on your
computer and the write privileges on the destination folder.
Follow these steps to complete the installation successfully:
  1. Instead choose an alternate temporary location like C:\Acrobat8.
  2. After you're advised the Files are Ready, select the option to Launch Adobe Acrobat 8 and click Finish.
  3. I've left Adobe Reader as my default PDF viewer as this is a later version.
  4. Enter your personal details, and your serial number.
  5. Then choose the installation type.  I've chosen a Typical installation.
  6. During installation, a dialog will complain that the file "AdobePDF.dll" is needed.
  7. Download the file "AdobePDF.dll_64" from the following Adobe support page (or extract that file from as instructed).
  8. Rename the file to "AdobePDF.dll" and browse for that file in the installer.
After installation completes you will have version 8.0.0 active.

You can then proceed with applying patches to upgrade to version 8.3.1.  The upgrade files are downloaded from the Adobe web site here:

The specific files required are 8.1 (English), 8.1.1, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7, 8.2, 8.2.2, 8.2.3, 8.2.5, 8.2.6, 8.3 and 8.3.1.

Install them in the correct order.  You'll probably be requested to reboot multiple times.  I ignored most of these requests when it became too time consuming and just rebooted after the last patch.

I've done some basic edits in Acrobat and so far it works perfectly for me.


Are you able to print to PDF? I can't make PDFs no matter how many times I have installed, repaired, uninstalled, reinstalled, added all of the updates you listed, repaired, etc.
JPP said…
Tales from E-Block,

I've got the same problem but I could find a SOLUTION for my system:

Choose Adobe PDF and right click to select "printer properties"
Select the ADVANCED tab
Check the option "print directly to printer"

My source:

By the way APRO23_Win_ESD1_WWEFG.exe adobe direct link is:
M-amsterdam said…
Hi Mark,

I did all as you described and acrobat 8.0 was succesfully installed. But it does not work...

When i give a plot command acrobat does not pop up and creates a .prn file instead of a .pdf file.

And all the files stay in the print queue..

Do you know an answer fotr this problem?

thanks, Mamsterdam
CB said…
I did as you suggested (after I first ran into the problem with Acrobat 8 crashing after startup on Win 7 x64).
Rename dteh DLL, diligently applied all the patches.
However now when I double click the Acrobat icon, it won´t even start!

Any idea what that may be caused by?
Anonymous said…
I don't see Acrobat 8 (Pro or Standard) in the download list on Adobe's web site. There's Acrobat 7 and CS2 and various CS2 components, but not Acrobat 8. Was it removed, or it is installed as part of CS? I need to reinstall Acrobat 8 on a new laptop. Thanks, Sivan
David James said…
I should like to note that the updates are not in the location listed in this blog. It would be a good idea to go search for these yourself including the Acrobat Pro 8.0 Freeware being distributed on the TechWorld site. I would provide the links but it just may encourage the Goliath Software that is Adobe to be even more arrogant and tortuous.
Jim Stewart said…
Worked well - thank you
KimE said…
UPDATE 4/2015: Well I finally got Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 (free) to work on my 64 bit windows 7 system. This is my OneNote file in case I ever need to reload it. Here is what worked for me.
This will take some time, but I love Acrobat and its features, so it's worth it to me. On my Desktop I still use AAP7 and it works great, so I thought I'd upgrade to AAP8 on my laptop.

***During the launch process you will be asked for a registration #, use the below appropriate for you os - you can copy & paste the #.

Windows Serial number: 1118-1414-1955-8737-8172-0350 
Mac Serial number: 1118-0416-1130-3724-2927-7040
Note: this tutorial is for Windows 7 x64 (may be similar on other systems, use at your own risk)

A. Download the now Free Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 for Windows or Mac

B. Start the .exe program you just downloaded to start installation. You may have to let it go thru and fail once in order for the following files to be accessible to you. That’s o.k. - you'll start it again once you have the proper file on your desktop. (next step).
To install Acrobat 8 on Windows 7 (see location below in image)

1. Find folder in installation files and go to 'AdobePDF.dll_64'. Right click and 'Extract to' desktop. Now it will be on desktop - this file will not let you rename it, so just leave it as it is.
2. Start installation process again and when you get a pop-up asking for file AdobePDF.dll from Vista disk, just go to your desktop and click on AdobePDF.dll_64 file that you extracted there. It will process and open Acrobat program.
BUT . . .go to pop-up and Cancel all the way out of pop-up (not installation process) that asked for adobepdf.dll from Vista disk as you have already installed it.
The installation will continue processing, give it a moment and it will continue.
Before selecting Finish, close the open AAP8 program that came up previously. Then click finish and program will open again.
3. After installation verify version is 8.0 (which it should be) > Help >About Adobe Acrobat

4. Install patches/security updates from:
Download all updates to your download folder - 8.1 thru 8.3.1 (13 updates)
Go to your downloads folder: Start at 810 (8.1) and click to install, then move onto the next one.
Will require several restarts/reboots (so do this when you have an extra hour or so). I did reboot after each install requesting it. Some have said they installed all & then rebooted, I didn't want to take the chance of confusing the registries.

5. To Disable updates notifications because they really don't have any for you (v8)
Go to Preferences > Updater and set a Check For Updates option to Do Not Check for download and install Updates
6. After AAP8 is open for a while it will ask you to download license.
Make sure you are connected to internet. Click ok to download license.
It does it automatically (nothing to download). If it doesn't work the first time, just click 'Try Again'.
7. You may try to print to the Adobe PDF printer but it probably will not work at first, but should after all updates are installed. When printing to pdf, note that your taskbar will be have a flashing/blinking icon to 'save as' so you can name the file.

BEST solution is to just 'save as' pdf - that works and it's easy.

If you have any problems you can try to go to the Devices and Printers/Adobe PDF/Printer Properties/Advanced and set it to "Print Directly to Printer".  
KimE said…
Location of AdobePDF.dll_64 file (image did not post in above comment).

C>Program Files (x86)> Adobe> Acrobat8> Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional> >AdobePDF.dll_64
Void Nospam said…
Can you please explain the purpose of this APRO23_Win_ESD1_WWEFG.exe file? It is not explained on
zohaib anwar said…
Just what I needed

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